Veteran Social Services Inc. provides permanent and bridge housing, substance abuse, employment, and case management services for United States Veterans and their families. VSS Inc is currently operating and providing supportive services at a 16 unit permanent housing complex in Los Angeles. VSS Inc. is developing a bridge housing complex for Veteran women with onsite supportive services

As a former homeless Veteran, the founder and Executive Director Darren Hendon has worked with various populations such as, transitional age youth, juvenile offenders, civilian families, domestic violence victims, and a high school teacher in leadership, development, and character building. Nonetheless his focus is Veteran men, women, and their children. Because Darren Hendon has been a member of the 12-step recovery program since 1989, his passion is in continuous care, guidance, and support to Veterans with addictions helping them recreate their lives. As an expert in housing navigation and landlord engagement, Darren Hendon uses his real estate and social services expertise to form useful partnerships with property
owners, and other service providers to address Veteran homelessness and supportive services.

Veteran Social Services is the only certified Nonprofit Veteran Service Agency (NVSA) in the state of California. VSSinc. is proudly staffed with Veterans and volunteers who understand military life experiences and needs. We have been where you are.




The words veteran and homelessness should never be used in the same sentence.

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One of the leading contributers to veteran homelessness is lack of mental health support.

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VSS Inc. employment services.

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What seperates VSS Inc. from most veteran service agencies is the veteran staff.

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I wanted to take a moment and thank Darren and the Veteran Social Services Inc. for providing
outstanding care and service to veterans in need of housing and camaraderie.

As the housing crisis continues for Ame rican veterans, few opportunities arise that allow
them to feel safe and offer a living space that helps them to regain a sense of self-reliance
and freedom from the baggage of their past. The residence in Los Angeles offers just that: a
reintroduction to independent living.

I found it to be exactly what I was searching for when a short-term need was required, allowing
me to regain control of an emergency situation on my own timeline without feeling rushed. Best
of all, I was able to continue being personally and professionally successful alongside civilian
patriots, Veterans, and spouses. Being able to inspire each other and be motivated together to
push through individual difficulties which commonly felt like a daily feat, although not conquered

Again, thank you and management for being there as a light in dark times for our Los Angeles

Daniel Rutherford


Our veterans have protected and served us. Now it is our turn to protect and serve them.