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The words veteran and homelessness should never be used in the same sentence. VSS Inc. provides housing services to veterans and their families to stabilize and maintain a quality of life. Collaborating with the Veterans Administration and other agencies, VSS Inc. assist veterans with transitional,bridge, and permanant housing solutions. Move-in assistance, vouchers, and homeless prevention assistance are available to low income veterans that qualify. VSS Inc. is proud to announce two permanant supportive housing complex's in Los Angeles utilizing SSVF/Shallow Subsidy housing programs to provide rental and move-in assistance. It is the first of many in California that will address the high cost of living for our Veterans and families while having support on-site. The "housing first" model is not just a goal, but a reality. VSS Inc. also provides homeownership pre-approval from a licensed "veteran" loan officer specializing in the VA loan guarentees program. 

One of the leading contributers to veteran homelessness is substance abuse. VSS Inc. has licensed therapist,certified substance abuse counselors and veterans on staff who have recovered from a hopeless state of drug and alcohol addiction. No one can reach another person suffering from substance abuse better than someone who has already been there. VSS Inc. is founded on the simple principle of "paying it forward" from veterans who have been there and are ready to help his or her fellow veteran recover.

VSS inc. has collaborated with Veteran & Youth Career Collaborative employment services ( to provide employment services to our men and women veterans. Certification courses,computer training,resume building,mock interviewing,and dress for success services are just a few services provided to our Veterans. Those Veterans interested in starting their own business can participate in a  government procurement course to certify their venture with the State of California  and small business advocacy training. VSS Inc. has collaborated with local Armed Services recruitment offices to assist and mentor young men and women considering the career choice of military service. 

What seperates VSS Inc. from most veteran service agencies is the veteran staff there to guide other veterans through the process of housing, benefit assistance, employment and substance abuse counseling. Peer specialist and case managers can identify with veterans and their families they are serving and assist with the transition of improving the quality of life. VSS Inc. has experienced case managers with resources serving Los Angeles, San Bernadino, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego counties. There daily mission is to help guide the veteran though their Individual Service Plan and provide support when needed. 

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